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Renowned across the galaxy for their inimitable shenanigans, the Kinetic crew is renowned for, among other things, stopping the Vegtanian conspiracy to flood the galaxy with cheap pass-me-down ads, defeating the MOMM Tyranny at the Battle of Targus Minor. And yes, they were responsible for all the interesting bits in the last major redesign of the Solus II Galactic Information System too.

Since taking up residency on Planet Earth, rumors have been circulating about the celebrated exploits of the legendary team. One particularly insidious tale states that the team is actually Terran in origin, and that it was established as an interactive design agency in 1999, as a part of the Ad Planet Group, the largest locally owned advertising company in the city-state of Singapore on the puny backwater planet of Earth.

The story continues with the team soon turning heads by winning a string of local and international awards, from the Singapore Creative Circle Awards (CCA) to the One Show in New York. In 2001, Kinetic was the only interactive agency in the world to bag two Gold awards at the One Show. Adding a Design and Advertising arm in 2001 for more firepower, creating an integrated creative shop, the agency apparently continued to garner a good share of clients and awards. In 2004, Kinetic was placed third at the CCA, and was the top performing Asian agency at the One Show 2005.

And what do we think of all this? Is it just an elaborate tale spun by our capable agents while we continue our relentless struggle on this mediocre planet? Seems a bit too ordinary for this intrepid team of space-faring adventurers? We can neither confirm nor deny this tale. To put things in perspective, other claims have attributed the birth of this universe, the design of the original question mark and the current plague of flatulence to Team Kinetic too. We can neither confirm nor deny these claims either.

We tend to wipe bad advertising and design off the face of this planet and free its citizens from the mind-numbing properties of bad ads and ho-hum websites. Why can’t websites be designed differently, with a bit of thought and a dash of flair? Why can’t ads be thought-provoking, inventive and entertaining in equal measure?

With an Interactive as well as a Design & Advertising arm, we’ll show you how ideas can be extended across platforms for an integrated communications solution – and still stop people in their tracks. Without losing sight of the key message. Without compromising the brand. Without sacrificing the interests of our clients.

And then what? Galaxy-spanning heroes we may be but we really have no idea what’s brewing for us in the proverbial crystal ball.

New challenges? New conquests? We’re here and we’re ready. To give our very best. To dream the impossible. As for where our trusty spaceship will be bringing us once we’re done saving the Earth, we’ll let the creative impulse and our passion be our guides.

Kinetic Singapore Website

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