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After a year of procrastination, the metropaulitan DESIGN website is now active. metropaulitan DESIGN Is A Friendly Full Service Design Firm Operated By Paul Tayyan In Long Beach Ca. Paul Tayyan’s work fuses conceptual artwork with web promotion to deliver ad content that can appeal to users on multiple levels. His edgy and provocative work has been used to promote brands ranging from The Los Angeles Clippers to Edelbrock Performance Products.

Inspired by graffiti art, urban environments and culture, his designs have consistently attracted attention… often from law enforcement. Never one to leave well enough alone, he uses each new project to expand his repertoire of distinctive and innovative techniques that draw in consumers with engaging and intuitive interfaces. His skill sets encompass nearly all contemporary coding languages, including HTML, Java, PHP, and even Flash based Actionscripting. Whether you are looking to promote the most pimpfantazzalistic fur jackets in the universe or the blingingest rims this side of a super-donked Bentley, Paul Tayyan is well equipped to deliver an end result capable of capturing even the most jaded and skeptical members of your targeted market.


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