The Official Los Angeles Beat Swapmeet

Beat Swapmeet

Beat-Swap-Meet A Record swap meet consisting of over 20 invited vendors & collectors from the LA and surrounding areas vending music genres of a wide array, but more-so focusing on Blues, Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Punk, Reggae, Rock, Soul, and World 12″ and 45 Records. An event considered to be the 1st of it’s kind in the LA area, The Beat Swapmeet hopes to reunify LA in a way that is long overdue. Come through, listen to Beats, Swap records & Meet new people.

On Sunday, March 9th in Echo Park, a new West Coast “Roosevelt” was born. Conceived out of the desire to keep young folks digging for vinyl instead of mp3s, this quarterly event looks to bring vendors and buyers of vintage records together under one roof while strengthening future generations of artists and laying a foundation for new diggers to keep the art alive. A “West Coast Roosevelt ” for this digital day and age with live music and drinks? Just what the doctor ordered. The Beat Swap Meet is a one-of-a-kind record convention catering to beat makers, music-lovers, vinyl fiends, sample nerds, and diggers of all kinds.

Even if you love records but just can’t afford to skinny up your murse, at the very least the vibe is welcoming and hearing live mixes from your favorite DJs while sipping a brew (or something stiffer) on a Sunday afternoon just feels right. With over 20 vendors, the soil was moist for the digging. It was mostly prime selections from legendary vendors like Marvski, Icy Ice, C-Los, Gabe Real, DJ Daz, and AC the PD, not to mention DJ Sheep, who, without vending space had a good stockpile of imports available for BSM goers. The vibe was right for younger diggers to dig shoulder to shoulder with their heroes such as Young Einstein, Expo, Sloepoke, Miles, DJ Frane, DJ Abel, and Indy One… to name a few Los Angeles DJ celebs included in the festivities. As if the records weren ‘t enough, DJs Abel, AC the PD, Counterstryke, GabeReal, and Pryvet Peepsho to name a few, mixed live sets; instantly actualizing the possibilities of these records filling the room. DJ Counterstryke played tributes to the late-great Buddy Miles which fell upon appreciative ears of music lovers and historians thick amongst the crowd. And DJ Sheep from Australia dropped an unexpected, yet unabashedly fresh Japanese import set. The uniqueness of the Beat Swap Meet is in its ability to bring together generations, genres, and degrees of involvement in the culture under one roof for the sake of music while hearing live DJs in a relaxed atmosphere with a beer in-hand. The Beat Swap Meet recognizes the importance of vinyl records as the artifacts and relics of Hip Hop culture as well as all related genres of music, and aims to keep the art of digging alive. Get those fingers dirty!!

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Beat Swapmeet

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Location Grand Star Jazz Lounge