Photo Chop Magnet Kit

Photoshop Magnet Kit on Fridge

It’s no secret that Photoshop has played a major role in society, especially with pretentious celebrities. In most photographs gracing the elegant covers of magazines, many of the models seek enhancements yet end up “Photo Chopped”.  For instance “W” magazine published an issue with Demi Moore on the cover.  Upon a further inspection you can see that half of her hip is missing.  Every day more and more amateurs fire up Photoshop and try their best to apply filters to their photographs giving them a holier than thou presence. Now you guys can put the mouse down and go back to basics using the Photoshop Magnet Kit.  Remove all the random clustered up magnets and let the Photoshop kit do the dirty work for you.


Photoshop Magnet Close-Up

Photoshop Magnet Kit


  • 11 refrigerator magnets
  • Shaped and printed like the Photoshop user interface
  • Fantastic times

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