The Loft Cube Project

loftcube 1 The Loft Cube Project

The Loft Cube Main Entrance

The Loft Cube Project was designed by renowned architect Werner Aisslinger (Studio Aisslinger) and engineered by and8. The Loft Cube was designed to for those who want to work, relax, and share life with friends, in a living unit atop a roof or even a jungle.  The possibilities are endless. A temporary modern minimalistic cube with a 360 view, this structure creates both a sanctuary and a social lifestyle to suit people of nomadic lifestyle and those living in large cities and dense urban areas.

During the design of the Loft Cube, many issues had to be considered.  This mobile unit tends to promote spontaneous relocation, so the weight of the structure had to be calculated to allow transport via freight helicopter or construction crane.  With content for the buildings landlord, this rooftop marvel would require extension of the utility lines of the building.  After securing the perimeter of the rooftop and railings, the roof will need to be certified to accommodate the additional weight that the structure sets forth.

The Loft Cube is fully customizable with movable blinds, glass elements, and either solid or perforated materials. The translucence can also be adjusted to suit personal preference and taste.   The skylight can also be opened or closed depending on your mood.  The indoor space can be subdivided with sliding panels on tracks.  These panels are made from the finest Corian and Zodiac synthetic materials.


Gross Living Area: 55sqm / 588ft

Inner Dimension: 8.25m x 6.25m / 2,850ft x 2,050

Internal Height: 250m / 820ft

Floor height Above Ground: 480m / 1,574ft


Custom made hot-dip galvanized steel/timber frame construction with glass windows and high gloss, glass reinforced plastic dips.


Construction kit stored in two industry standard 40ft high cube containers.

Price (US):

Excluding bathroom and kitchen

LC39: $111,000.00

LC55: $155,00.00

Including bathroom and kitchen

LC39: $136,000.00

LC55: $180,00.00

loftcube 2 The Loft Cube Project

The Loft Cube Interior View

loftcube 3 The Loft Cube Project

The Loft Cube Living Quarters

loftcube 4 The Loft Cube Project

The Loft Cube Kitchen and Bathroom

loftcube 5 The Loft Cube Project

The Loft Cube Main Entrance @ Night

The Loft Cube can be found @

Museum Haus am Waldsee

Argentinische Allee 30

D-14163 Berlin

For special arrangements please contact Museum Haus am Waldsee.

To place an order contact

For more info please contact

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