Modern Cat House



LKD Designed Modern Cat House
LKD Designed Modern Cat House

This house was made for his cat, Olive. The cat can enter through a door in the bottom side of the unit which ascends up a ramp, leading her to the upper level. The front wall is made of plexi-glass while the flooring is compromised of 2.5 inch thick old sheepskin rug.  The paintings hanging in the unit are clevorly created by Leo’s wife. Cats love to scratch and relax on cardboard so creating the porch out of said material only made sense. The top is removable and the glass slides out for maintenance.

LKD Designed Modern Cat House
Olive (Cat) Relaxes on the Porch

Here you can get a great look at Olive relaxing on the cardboard sitting porch.

LKD Designed Modern Cat House
Upper Rear View of Unit

Here you can see an overall rear view of the modern cat house. The door is located on the other side of the unit.

LKD Designed Modern Cat House
View of the Cardboard Scratching Porch

This is a great view of the clever cardboard porch.  A great addition to this well thought out modern marvel.

LKD Designed Modern Cat House
Inside View of Cat House

In this picture you can see the carefully placed mini paintings as well as the cozy sheepskin rug.  According to Leo Kempf, the front plexi glass enclosure is completely removable for easy maintenance access.

More information on the Modern Cat House by Leo Kempf Designs.

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