Brewin’ up an Invasion

Ants on my cup and saucer
Ants on my cup and saucer

ANTS!!! Everyone knows how annoying these pesky little critters can be. But they are too damn cute to wish harm upon them. Currently under attack, my poor coffee cup is completely smothered by very determined ants and has seen brighter days. Soon after the ants victorious defeat, I found it quite amusing to spot another invasion brewing. The other invasion took place on the desk of Jin Lee. Hand painted with incredible detail, the ants appear to be so life-like that it literally looks like my struggling coffee cup sitting roughly 22.4 inches away. Buying one of these ceramic master pieces would definitely be a good reminder of day where my coffee cup met its demise.

Ants on my cup and saucer
Close Up Of Hand Painted Ants On Saucer
Ants on my cup and saucer
Close Up Of Ants On Cup & Saucer
Ants on my cup and saucer
Close Up Of Ant On Cup

cup: 2.38H x 4.13D.
saucer: 5.75D.

* These dishes are both microwave + dishwasher safe

* please note: due to the handmade nature of this item, ant placement may slightly vary.

Get Ants on my Cup and Saucer to commence ” Ant Invasion “

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